Friday, December 14, 2007

It's been a good week...

On Tuesday, I did the present ation at TIES.

On Thursday morning, I interviewed for a January-only part time evening/weekend reference librarian at St. Kate's. This afternoon, I got the call offering me that job.

It's 16 hours a week (Monday and Tuesday nights, Saturday and Sunday 12-5), which means I'll be very busy. On the other hand, it's incredible experience, a great chance to work on some projects and resources for them that I can cite in later applications, and a chance to get to spend more time in that library, which I'm fond of. (I'm fond of a lot of different libraries, but it's always good to spend more time in different libraries.)

It also gives me a chance to do college-level reference, which promises to be a nice new challenge, but not overwhelming. (I'm obviously pretty familiar with the collection and the general kinds of needs.)

So, very excited, and very pleased with this week overall. This weekend has my work holiday party, time with friends, and some other projects I'm also pleased to be doing, so it's all good.

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