Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi to potential new readers.

I was delighted to find, when I checked my email this morning, that this blog was listed on the list of "Hey, go check these out" from the 23 Things On A Stick people.

I have been horrible about updating (obviously: my last update was February 8th), in part because I have been very busy, and have not had time to deal with things 4, 5, and 6, which all begin with my actually getting photos *off* the digital camera and onto the computer. That will change this weekend, so you can expect more content shortly.

My other recent news update is that I did a presentation on February 18th (this'd be one of the things that was taking my time) at a friend's workplace, on online internet culture and how people interact. They're working on a really interesting Web 2.0 community website focused on health care information and experiences, the Healthcare Scoop. It's still in progress, and they're regularly adding new tools and resources. This presentation was a chance for me to talk about some of the other ways that people find and access information online, and what makes them interested in participating in a site.

You can see my slides for this online at Slideshare (which I discovered by reading through 23 Things on a Stick, though it's one of the later activities).

As I work on getting those photos off the camera and onto Flickr so I can do fun things with them, feel free to hang out, comment, ask me questions, or whatever else makes sense.

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