Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing 23: All done! (And reflection)

What did I get out of the experience of working through 23 Things on a Stick?

1) I really hope there are other initiatives like this in the future. While I was familiar with many of the basic technologies (and had already used a number of them), putting them in a library context and giving me motivation to write about them was a great experience.

2) I got a chance to explore several areas more deeply - and to think about specific applications for my current workplace (I think the one I'm most likely to keep using is the Flickr photos of book displays with notes, but there are a number of others that are also useful.)

3) I really liked the level of detail: there were well-designed instructions, but also a lot of freedom to explore and play around in different ways to accommodate people with more experience with that tool.

4) Time made it hard for me to spend a lot of interactive time connecting with others working through the Things - but I'm delighted by the comments I got, left a few other places, and intend to keep an eye on the Ning space, which seems to have some fairly active conversation going.

I'd definitely be interested in future projects like this - and would recommend them to others I know.

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Ann WS said...

Congratulations on finishing all 23 things. Sounds like you had a good time learning some new things and applying what you already know. Great!

Look for a future 23 things with new tools in fall or winter.