Friday, March 7, 2008

Thing 6: Online Image Generators

Again, I'm not a particularly visual person: I have a harder time figuring out how to use images in a way that enhances content. (This is actually a weird struggle: I know that many people do prefer heavier use of images, but since I often find them either distracting or ignorable, it's harder for me to tell which ones are actually useful or enjoyable by others.)

I did a little playing around with trading cards, but as I'm not crazy about photos of me, I don't have a good one currently handy and digital. I did have a lot more fun playing with the Image Chef generator, and it's one I can see myself using far more often to create a simple, focused image with a particular goal. (I admit to really liking the way that Carleton College has used them: I can see them being a really good way to identify specialities or particular areas of focus among librarians. But in our media center, with 2 library staff, an AV specialist, and an instructional technology specialist, it's pretty obvious who does what anyway.)

Here are three images I came up with - I can see using all of these (and a number of others) on display signs or on our internal Moodle site, as a nice simple highlight to other content.


Lydia Schultz said...

I like the buttons you created, especially the "escape reality" one. It describes what I have been trying to do lately!

Jennifer Arnott said...

Thanks! After a weekend recovering from a cold, I think it's even more needed.

(I spent a lot of time reading comfort-reading books, most of which are escapist in some way. Not a bad thing...)

I like the way the buttons come out - there's enough space to do a nice short phrase.