Monday, March 24, 2008

Thing 9: Online document sharing

This thing is much more back in the areas where I feel more comfortable and already use the tools widely.

My current work uses Google Docs for a number of student projects: they're fantastic for collaborative science labs, or for recent projects like our History Day plays. Students can work on different parts of the document (or even the same part) easily, without having to track versions of the file.

I've also been looking at solutions for a personal project where I'm writing a bunch of group documentation. I tried Zoho Writer for this: I like it a lot (though I'm seeing some weird spacing issues/formatting issues when I take it into PDF. However, that's manageable, and since my ideal would be able to keep an editable version somewhere web-accessible, and send PDFs out as needed, that's okay.

I found Zoho faster and more responsibe than I've found Google Docs, but I know this is both sometimes a factor of specific technology combinations, and of changes in the software, Google Docs has been better when I've tried it recently. I do wish both sites had a more accurate method of doing very basic layout tasks (keeping sections on the same page, for example) other than printing it to PDF and seeing what happens.


arvind said...

Jennifer : Thanks for using Zoho Writer and for your feedback comments! We will sure look into the spacing/formatting issues during pdf generation.

Not sure if you tried clicking on the 'Page View' link that is part of the Zoho Writer toolbar. You can click on it to see how the document looks in page format. Click on 'Edit' to revert back to edit mode. We plan to provide the page layout mode during document creation & editing in the near future.

Keep using Zoho Writer and do try the other Zoho services as well :-)


Jennifer Arnott said...

Arvind -

Wow - thank you for such a fast comment.

I had been using the Page View tool: looking at it this morning, I think I see some of what's going on. I'll send you folks an email with some more details.

arvind said...

Thanks for the reply, Jennifer! Looking forward to your mail. You can use the 'Feedback' link to reach us. Or mail me directly at

- Arvind